SafeHome Allergen Filter Plus- MERV 11



Ultra Allergen Filters

All sizes are only $4.99 while supplies last!

SafeHome Allergen Plus filters are the best choice if you are concerned about allergens, but not chemicals or odors.

These filters meet the American Lung Association’s Health Home guidelines and the stringent requirements of the Western North Carolina Green Building Council’s Healthy Home Program. These MERV 11 filters remove up to 95% of common allergens.

Allergen Plus filters are highly effective in removing:

Pollen – Dust -  Dander – Smoke Particles -  Mold Spores – Dust Mite Debris

Please note: SafeHome Allergen Plus filters should not be used with the SafeHome System. The SafeHome System works best using our Electrostatic Allergen Filters.

These MERV 11 filters are constructed of high quality materials to maintain home health, comfort and energy efficiency.

How are these different that other filters?

  • Durability: These filters are designed for hospital use where filter failure could be catastrophic.
  • Long lasting efficiency: More pleats means our filters can hold more particulates.
  • Exacting standards: Strong frames and perfect corners means allergens can’t go around the filter, a common problem with filters.

Rated for hospital use, these filters can remove up to 95% of particles in residential applications.

SafeHome Allergen filters last up to 3 months. High levels of activity or dust may require more frequent changes.

SafeHome Allergen Filters ship within approximately 3 to 4 days.