Which type of SafeHome Filter should I buy?

The type of SafeHome Filter that you need depends on whether your regular air filter is located in your air return vents or in your air handler or furnace. See our Product Selection Guide to determine which is right for you.

If your air filter is located in an air return vent, usually located on walls or the ceiling, the SafeHome System is ideal. This system places the chemical filter behind an allergen filter, maximizing the chemical filter’s effectiveness and longevity. By keeping the chemical filter from clogging with particles, it can last for up to one year while you change your allergen filter on a regular basis. The SafeHome System works best with paired with a MERV 7 or 11 SafeHome Allergen Filter .

If you have a 1″ thick filter in your air handler or furnace, the SafeHome Duo is the solution for you. The Duo is highly effective at removing particles as small as 3 microns while simultaneously removing gases and odors in a 1″ thick package. Because the Duo removes particles as well as gases, it must be replaced with the same frequency as a regular particulate filter. While it can last up to 90 days, it should be changed every 60 days under normal household conditions.