What chemicals and odors are removed by the SafeHome Filter?

SafeHome Filters address a very wide range of gases and odors that are common in household air. Focusing on effectively addressing ozone, formaldehyde and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) such as benzene, some of the most common and hazardous gases in household air, has made our filters highly effective against a wide array of odors, chemicals and compounds that you may encounter everyday.

Below is a chart of the chemicals and odors that our filters address and some that they are not effective against.

SafeHome Filters are effective against chemicals, odors and compounds that are green or yellow. Materials that are orange may be addressed in certain conditions, but filters should not be expected to satisfactorily address these. SafeHome Filters are not effective against gases in red.

Compounds in SafeHome Filters trap about 20% to 50% of their weight of the odors, compounds and chemicals in green.

Those in yellow are adsorbed from 10% to 25% of weight.

Orange and red materials should not be expected to be well adsorbed.