How often should I change my SafeHome Filter?

The easy answer is that SafeHome Duos lasts up to 3 months, SafeHome System Chemical Filters lasts up to one year and the allergen pre-filters for the System last up to 3 months. The real answer is “it depends”.

Any filter’s lifespan, including the best “90 day” filters are determined by the air that is being filtered. The cleaner the air, the longer a filter will last.

The longevity of any filter depends on a number of factors. These factors include frequency of use, household size and level of activity, location of the filter, outdoor pollution and other sources of airborne particles such as dust, or chemicals.

The SafeHome System could actually last up to two years if used sporadically. Regular use of your heating and cooling system reduces the filter’s lifespan to one year. Activities such as smoking or painting will further reduce the filter’s lifespan, as will installing new carpet or other changes that raise gas levels in your home.

Allergen filters, like SafeHome Allergen Filters, need to be changed when they have ‘loaded’ with particulates they pull from your home’s air. The more dander, pollen and dust they collect, the more difficult it is for air to pass through. This may be every 90 days, but it may be less than 30 days if you have pets or an active household that generates more dust.

We recommend changing all of your filters after any remodeling project and the SafeHome Filter within 6 months after moving into a newly built home.