Why is the System pollution filter so heavy after using it?

We’ve received a few questions about the increased weight of the SafeHome System odor and pollution filter when changing it. System filters can hold up to 250 grams, or the weight of two pleated filters, of cozone, VOCs and other chemicals.

When the media talks about emissions of carbon dioxide or volatile organic compounds in tons, it can be confusing because the weight of gases are not easily observed. However, this can be quite apparent when changing the SafeHome System after use.

The blend of activated carbon and potassium permaganate-based FormaldaSorb used in all of our odor and pollution filters can trap more than 50% of its weight in chemicals.

This means that the System can increase in weight the equivalent of two pleated filters, changing from 125 grams/sq ft. to more than 188 grams/sq ft.

The Duo4, our most powerful filter, can weigh about 2.65 lbs new and more than 4 lbs after use! These 4″ deep filters use up to 300 grams/sq ft of chemisorbants, offering incredible improvement in indoor air quality.