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“After getting new carpet installed in our family room, I began to cough whenever I spent any time there. It seemed like I would suddenly become sick after a few minutes in the room. I was convinced it was the chemicals used in producing the carpet. I installed your SafeHome Filter System and let the furnace fan run full time. With your filter installed, no more coughing. Thanks for a great product!” Todd F., Knoxville, TN

“The custom filters fit great and I sense they are helping tremendously with the air quality. An interesting point: we recently had our phone serviced and the repair person was here for a few hours. He said he was amazed that we have two cats and a bunny in our apartment, because normally his allergies would be reacting severely–and he didn’t even have a nose tickle or sneeze while he was here. ;-) I’m certain the Safe Home filters are part of the reason why he didn’t experience any issues. Great job!! We’ll be ordering more.” – Kim M. in Chicago, IL

“One of the most common reasons why consumers seek indoor air treatments is to enable them to stop taking allergy medications. Within days of installing SafeHome on their furnace or air conditioning system, our customers say it was as if an allergy switch had been turned off.” -Gerard Windstein, air purification specialist and president of EcoClean, a SafeHome Filters retailer in Phoenix, AZ (

“Thanks for following up on your product.  It is a sign of a true professional.

I have noticed a decrease in the amount of dust in the home. Moreover, I have noticed a more “neutral” smell in the home.  Any indoors odors do not seem to stay as long as before with the old filter.  Of course, there is no way to determine whether the amount of VOC’s has lessened, but my indoor allergies were did not seem as bad.”

Bob Wert

Re/Max of Lebanon, PA

“My SafeHome Filter in my house is really doing the trick. It’s terrific. Thanks so much.”

James P, Los Angeles, CA

“Dear Sam,

I want to commend you on your amazing SafeHome Filter.  As we had discussed prior to installing your new 4″ thick filter unit, my lovely wife, Nina, was suffering terribly whenever she was in our home.  Nina has been enduring the effects of a serious asthma condition for most of her life, although she has been able to eliminate her previous need for full-time medication by changing her diet (no hormone or chemically-processed foods), as well as by monitoring the quality of her environment.  However, immediately after we moved into our home this past summer, she began having serious breathing problems.  We cleaned, scrubbed, aired-out, removed rugs, de-humidified, but all to no avail.  It was looking as if our only recourse would be to move out of our home.  When you produced your new 4″ thick filter, we figured we had little to lose by giving it a try, especially considering the expense, stress, and difficulty of alternatives.

First of all, the ease and relative simplicity of SafeHome Filters is as good as it can get.  Nothing else to buy, install, power, or service; it won’t break, and it is essentially invisible since, it just replaces our existing standard filter.

Secondly, this filter really works!  As we eventually cycled all of the air within our home through the SafeHome Filter, we started noticing an impressive improvement in our indoor air quality, as evidenced by the virtual elimination of adverse reactions from breathing the air within our home.  While I’m not prone to asthma, I was surprised at how my own recent sinus and sneezing problems essentially disappeared, along with my wife’s asthma attacks.  Today she rarely uses her inhaler, and only then due to activities outside our home.

Thirdly, this filter is an excellent value!  It cures problems that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive or impractical to solve by other means.  We’ve always invested in (what we previously believed to be) the best filters on the market, as well as changed them according to recommendations.  Even at that cost, though, we’ve now discovered that they didn’t provide us with the performance that we really need.  For very close to the same price as the more ordinary filters, we can now have the complete protection, comfort, and peace of mind that is provided only by our SafeHome Filter.

Nina and I want to thank you for doing what you do, and for doing it so well, Sam.  You and your SafeHome Filter products certainly deserve great success, and we wish you the all best.


Bob Lantis”

“Dear Sam,

I’m writing to say how pleased my wife and I are with the Safe Home Filters we installed in our new house. This weekend we painted the family room and basement walls. To help eliminate the paint odor we turned the fan control on the furnace to “on” as we painted. When we were done and sitting down to eat dinner we both remarked that there was no paint odor in the house. The filters had done their job and had absorbed the odor and gases and made the air not only odor free but safer to breathe. Needless to say we are very happy with our Safe Home Filters!


T. Fisher, Knoxville, Tn”

“Dear Sam -

I am very pleased with the two SafeHome Filters I purchased in September 2007.  As the parent of a 16-month old who has experienced night-time coughing spells and a chronic runny nose since birth, I was concerned with the indoor air quality of our newly constructed home.  I was very pleased that both the night-time coughing and runny nose were dramatically reduced within the 48 hour period following the installation of our SafeHome Filters and we continue to enjoy many a cough-free night!  Thank you for your products and for helping our child.”

Jill Sparks- Asheville, NC

“We’ve noticed a big difference with your filters. Our air feels “lighter”. I know that’s an odd way to put it, but it does. When I sit in my recliner in the evenings, my throat would tighten and I would start coughing every night. That hasn’t happened since your filters were installed.” Carol Foster- Waynesville, NC

“I’ve got a deviated septum and have used a Neti pot every day. Since we installed your filters, I’ve only used it once in five days. They have also done a good job with filtering smells and dust. We’ve cooked chicken, fish and steak with bacon for supper this week and didn’t smell anything in the morning. We’ve been surprised there’s no dust on top of items like usual too.” Ben- Asheville, NC

“Thank you for developing a product that addresses air quality in the home.” Chad- Candler, NC

“Recently my wife began complaining of gasoline fumes in the house: in the babies room, kitchen, master bath….. Being the responsive husband and father that I am, I very quickly realized that the weekend spent reorganizing the garage found a new location for my yard maintenance equipment directly next to the return air handler of our hvac system. I learned of SafeHome Filters through a friend. I was amazed at how they seamlessly integrated with my hvac system and installed very easily. The fumes, odors and complaints were eliminated practically instantaneously. In fact it was weeks later when my wife thanked me for moving the lawn mower when in fact I simply installed a real filter.” Jim- Asheville, NC

“The morning after we installed the SafeHome System was the first morning in more than a month that we did not wake up sneezing and with watery eyes. Both of us have found that the air in our home seems lighter and easier to breath. Thank you for a great product- we’ll spread the word.” Peggy- Arden, NC