“This filter really works and is an excellent value!”

“Dear Sam,

I want to commend you on your amazing SafeHome Filter. As we had discussed prior to installing your new 4″ thick filter unit, my lovely wife, Nina, was suffering terribly whenever she was in our home. Nina has been enduring the effects of a serious asthma condition for most of her life, although she has been able to eliminate her previous need for full-time medication by changing her diet (no hormone or chemically-processed foods), as well as by monitoring the quality of her environment. However, immediately after we moved into our home this past summer, she began having serious breathing problems. We cleaned, scrubbed, aired-out, removed rugs, de-humidified, but all to no avail. It was looking as if our only recourse would be to move out of our home. When you produced your new 4″ thick filter, we figured we had little to lose by giving it a try, especially considering the expense, stress, and difficulty of alternatives.

First of all, the ease and relative simplicity of SafeHome Filters is as good as it can get. Nothing else to buy, install, power, or service; it won’t break, and it is essentially invisible since, it just replaces our existing standard filter.

Secondly, this filter really works! As we eventually cycled all of the air within our home through the SafeHome Filter, we started noticing an impressive improvement in our indoor air quality, as evidenced by the virtual elimination of adverse reactions from breathing the air within our home. While I’m not prone to asthma, I was surprised at how my own recent sinus and sneezing problems essentially disappeared, along with my wife’s asthma attacks. Today she rarely uses her inhaler, and only then due to activities outside our home.

Thirdly, this filter is an excellent value! It cures problems that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive or impractical to solve by other means. We’ve always invested in (what we previously believed to be) the best filters on the market, as well as changed them according to recommendations. Even at that cost, though, we’ve now discovered that they didn’t provide us with the performance that we really need. For very close to the same price as the more ordinary filters, we can now have the complete protection, comfort, and peace of mind that is provided only by our SafeHome Filter.

Nina and I want to thank you for doing what you do, and for doing it so well, Sam. You and your SafeHome Filter products certainly deserve great success, and we wish you the all best.


Bob Lantis”