How do I install a SafeHome Filter?

SafeHome Filters are designed to be as easy to use as a regular filter. Because they look quite different though, here are some additional installation details.

SafeHome Duo Pollution Filters for filters in furnaces or air handler filter slots:

The Duo filter slides into your filter slot like an ordinary filter. You may need to fold the excess material around the filter’s internal frame and then tuck the remainder in so you can place the cover over the filter slot. This excess material helps seal the edges where the filter fits into the equipment and keeps air from going around the filter through gaps.

The white side of the filter should face incoming air. In most systems, the white side should face away from the air handler or furnace equipment. Air should enter the white side, which traps allergens, and exit through the dark side, which traps gases and odors.

SafeHome System Pollution Filters for filters in air return grills:

After removing the plastic wrap, assemble the System by simply placing the pollution filter into the plastic frame. Install the assembled System into the air return grill with the textured side of the plastic frame facing towards you and the foam tape pressed against the air return grill. The frame recessess the pollution filter into the duct space, allowing you to install an allergen filter as normal.

Be sure to use allergen filters rated MERV 6 or better to prolong the life of the pollution filter. We highly recommend using electrostatic MERV 7 SafeHome Allergen Filters for optimal air flow. If your air system already uses or is designed for more efficient allergen filters, we also offer MERV 11 electrostatic filters. SafeHome Allergen Filters are available in annual packs with the SafeHome System or individually in the blue column below the SafeHome Annual Pack Plus.

Do not use the low quality spun blue fiberglass filters with the SafeHome System. These are good for stopping large objects, but not dust,