About Safe Home Filters®

The Safe Home Filters Story

When Sam and Liz Mclamb discovered that they would soon be parents, they  had no idea how much their lives were about to change. Liz developed an extreme sensitivity to chemicals and odors during the first month of pregnancy. With two dogs and a remodeled home, they could not trace the source of the smells.

The McLamb’s research revealed a few expensive and complex solutions that did not fully address indoor air pollution. These solutions included expensive air purifiers that would only affect one or two rooms and complex electrostatic filters that would only filter particulates. Prices ranged from $1,000 to more than $2,500. Research on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency website also revealed the health threat of air pollution in our homes and motivated them to create an even better solution.

Thinking back to gas masks they had worn during home renovations, Sam and Liz realized the ideal solution and essentially created a gas mask in their  central air system using these pollution control filters and  high quality allergen filters.

The McLambs  found industrial chemical pollution filters used in airports and medical facilities that remove gases and odors. However, these are not designed for residential systems, they are prohibitively expensive to change regularly, and Sam and Liz still had to figure out how to remove allergens as well as chemicals.

Working with leading engineers and academia in indoor air quality, the McLambs modified these industrial filter systems so that they simply replace standard home air filters. Thus, SafeHome Filters was established to provide effective, easy and affordable solutions for removing hazardous chemicals and irritating odors from the air in your home.

In March 2011, Safe Home Products®, a leading internet retailer of home, health, and safety products, acquired SafeHome Filters.   The McLambs wanted to be able to reach out and help more families know about and use these unique products to make their homes a safer place.   With a larger customer base, Safe Home Products (Safe Home™) is able to share these great products with more families.

There is no motivation like needing something for your family. The McLamb family saw a need and created SafeHome Filters.  Safe Home Products is proud to add SafeHome Filters to our product line.  Our motto is “A Safer Life Starts Here®” and we hope SafeHome Filters help you enjoy better air and a healthier home too.