SafeHome Duo Pollution Filter



A filter that works as differently as it looks.

The Duo looks different because it is different. Unlike any other home air filter, the Duo offers superior performance with allergens, odors and chemicals.

- Advanced chemical and odor removing materials.

- 95% average allergen removal with self sealing edges.

- Unaffected by humidity which ruins other filters.

The Duo can be used in any filter location & lasts up to 3 months.

Save with annual packs. Can’t find your size? Check annual pack sizes or call for custom sizes.

See 4″ and 5″ deep filter information below.

Polyester prefilter traps particles and allergens

Advanced Filters for Healthier Lives

Using a blend of high density carbon with powerful FormaldaSorb, SafeHome Filters provide the only replacement filters capable of removing difficult odors and many of the most harmful chemicals in your home. Chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ammonia and ozone.

By combining these materials with the most effective MERV 8 allergen filter design available, SafeHome Filters provide unparalleled air cleansing power.

Duos are also great upgrades for many shop air cleaners so that they can remove fumes from paint, varnish and other finishes. These filters replace many models built by Jet, Delta,Powermatic, Steel City, and JDS Air-Tech.


The Duo slides into your filter slot like an ordinary filter.

Fold the excess material around the filter’s internal frame to slide it in and then tuck the remainder in so you can place the cover over the filter slot. This excess material helps seal the edges where the filter fits into the equipment and keeps air from going around the filter through gaps.

Air should enter the white side, which traps allergens, and exit through the dark side, which traps gases and odors.

SafeHome Duo Filters should replaced at least every 3 months.

More frequent changes may be necessary due to a wide variety of circumstances that increase particulate and chemical pollutants, including the following

  • Pets
  • High amounts of dust
  • Painting or renovations
  • Sanding
  • High levels of outdoor pollution
  • Burning candles or using air deodorizers

SafeHome Duo4 Deep Section Filters

The Duo4 is incorporates a MERV 7 allergen and powerful chemical filter in a pleated 4″ deep filter. With the same airflow characteristics as most new 5″ filters, this filter can be used as a replacement for either 4″ or 5″ filters.

This filter uses 300 grams per square foot of 50/50 carbon and FormaldaSorb blend and is extremely effective removing odors and gases.

The Duo4 should be replaced at least every 6 months.

Don’t see your air filter size?

Check out our SafeHome Duo Annual Packs that offer a wide selection of sizes, from 12×12 to 20×30.

Shipping Information. Most sizes ship in 2 to 4 days. *Certain sizes may take 2 weeks to build