SafeHome Duo4 Pollution Filter



The Duo4 provides the complete solution to indoor air quality for deep section filters used in air handlers or air furnaces.

Clean Air Starts Here.

Our most powerful filter offers up to 6 times the strength of our already powerful Duo. Designed for replacing 4″ or 5″ filters, the Duo4 traps hazardous chemicals, odors and allergens unlike any other filter.

  • Breathe more safely: Activated carbon and FormaldaSorb at 300g/sqft are highly effective removing a wider range of hazardous chemicals and odors. See the entire list…
  • Breathe more cleanly: The Duo4′s MERV 7 allergen filter is highly effective removing pollen, dust, dander, mold spores, dust mite debris and more
  • Easy to install: The SafeHome Duo4 installs just like a normal filter and includes gaskets for air tight installation.
  • Cost effective: SafeHome Pollution Filters are more effective than many solutions we looked at that ranged from $800 to $3000.

SafeHome Duo4 Filter Replacement

SafeHome Duo4 filters should replaced at least every 9 months.

More frequent changes may be necessary due to a wide variety of circumstances that increase particulate and chemical pollutants, including the following

  • Pets
  • High amounts of dust
  • Painting or renovations
  • Sanding
  • High levels of outdoor pollution
  • Burning candles or using air deodorizers