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The SafeHome Duo

For: Furnace filter slots, or for temporary needs or custom sizes in air return grills.

The Duo offers the same allergen, odor and chemical removal as the System, but in a single 1″ filter. Duos utilize an inner steel frame that creates a filter with self sealing edges for great filtration and whisper quiet operation.

SafeHome Duos are available as individual 3 month filters.

The SafeHome System

For: Air return grills only, typically located on a wall or ceiling.

This revolutionary design combines a separate industrial grade odor and chemical filter with a high quality allergen prefilter in a standard air return grill. The prefilter allows the odor and pollution filter to last up to one year.

Refills are now available.

SafeHome Systems are available in annual packs and refills with one odor and chemical filter and four electrostatic allergen pre-filters.

The SafeHome Duo 4

For: 4″ or 5″ furnace filter slots.

The ideal replacement for 4″ or 5″ deep air filters, such as Trion Corporation’s Air Bear, the Duo 4 uses up to 2.5 lbs of gas removing materials while also removing allergens such as mold spores and dust mite debris.

SafeHome Duo4s are available as individual 6 month filters.

The SafeHome MFG

For: Manufactured home air systems.

The the SafeHome MFG Filter pairs two Duo filters in a unique configuration for manufactured home air systems. The MFG has reduced gas concentrations by more than 90% while reducing allergens significantly, relieving respiratory distress, the feeling of stuffiness and the fine dust commonly found in manufactured homes.

SafeHome Allergen Filter- MERV 7

SafeHome Allergen Filter Plus- MERV 11